Rebranding project of the Moraleja Green shopping center. The Moraleja, Madrid. A shopping center in the most attractive shopping area of ​​Madrid. Designed by the award-winning architectural studio Chapman Taylor, the project includes improvements both inside and outside. Ales developed the design and manufacture of all the signage of the center and parking by implementing their retail solutions in the generation of a commercial space designed to be successful. A new retail experience that is based on the new conceptualization of spaces and the way we communicate with them.

ABC Serrano Shopping Centre , Madrid. Implementation of corporate image.


Mall St. Augustine. Corporate implementation as.

Metallic structure. Tres Aguas Comercial Center in Madrid. Structural environment.

estructura metálica

Branding. Implementation of corporate image. Garbera Mall. Donostia.

Branding Centro Comercial y de Ocio 7 Palmas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Rebranding. Grupo Intu Properties. Implantación corporativa en centro comercial Intu Asturias de toda la marca.

intu asturias