The rose of the desert of Jean Nouvel with an Asturian soul. The National Museum of Qatar opens its doors in the capital, Doha. A spectacular building by the architect Jean Nouvel that evokes the phenomenon of the “desert rose”, crystalline forms that emerge from the earth. The largest local history exhibition on the planet with more than 8,000 square meters. Construction development, manufacture and assembly of the furniture by our Ales Group team, 360º creative engineering.

Mobiliario Museo Nacional de Qatar

Exhibitors and showcases with cube shape in treated steel cut. Interpretation center of Medina Azahara of Cordoba. EMPTY architecture proyect. Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2010, Piranesi Prize of Rome 2011 and European Museum of the Year Award 2012.

Space for artistic work. Conceptualization, design, constructive solution and installation of exhibition space.

Liquid Space art gallery. Design, constructive solution, LED lighting and installation of singular element in the art room.

Somiedo Museum. Conceptualization of space, design, constructive solution, lighting and ad hoc installation of museum space.

Exhibitor space. Conceptualization, design, lighting, ad hoc constructive solution and installation of vertical composition exhibitor.

International Film Festival of Gijón. Design and constructive solution of lectern.

Railway Museum of Asturias. Design, construction solution, lighting and installation of showcase display model.

Railway Museum of Gijón. Conceptualization of the spaces, design, constructive solution and installation of showcases for exhibition.

Railway Museum of Gijón. EPC project. Design of the project, constructive solution and installation of all the exhibition elements of the museum.

Museo Bruselas.