Curved plate 5 meters wide and maximum thickness. 10 to 12 mm. (varies depending on the bending radius) Minimum bending diameter 320 mm.

Tube bending profiles with 6 meters length and section up to 63 x 3 mm. The diameter bending radii vary depending on the material and thickness.

Forming plates, angular and metallic profiles “U” up to 2 mm thick. Convex (spherical, elliptical) and manual flattened sheets up to 2 mm thick ..

Manual welding for different types of materials and thicknesses : Semiautomatic MIG pulsed arc and double pulsed arc , TIG and electrode. Welding of aluminum from 1 mm thick . Also available welding equipment . SIASME welders .

Vacuum forming . Thicknesses up to 10 mm . Dimensions up to 2.2 x 4.1 meters . 500 mm depth of molding . House manufacture of molds for short and medium series.

Plegado de control numérico de chapa hasta 6 metros de longitud y 10 mm. de espesor en Acero C.

Curvadora de chaoa