ALES Milestones


1968  ALES is founded in Gijón, Asturias by Alfredo Escandón Pérez.

1975  Inauguration of facilities in Gijon, Asturias with more than 2,000 m2.

1986  ALES becomes a corporate business.

1986  ALES first facility in Spain for industrial laser cutting.

1987  Incorporation of the system developed by ALES “metals”.

1992  We constructed 500 service stations.

1992 Prize awarded to D. Alfredo Escandón Pérez for the best businessman.

1993  Award for Best Asturian company

1995  Development of Alesprint printing system.

1996  Asturias Architecture Prize awarded by the ATP Architects Building Control HH.AA, for our participation               

1998  Installation of the dome on the Science Museum of Cuenca.

1999  Management System Certification ISO 9001.

2000  ALES installs 50 offices a month for the BBVA bank.

2001  Line installation applying powder coating to parts with maximum dimensions of 6x2x0,6 m.

2002  Installation of booths and ovens applying liquid paint Airless and Airmixto dimensions of12x4x4 meters

2003  Inauguration of the new facilities in Tremañes, Gijon, reaching 30,000 m2 for all plants.

2004 Award OFITEL table “S” created, designed and produced by ALES.

2004 Implementation of Rapid Prototyping system.

2005  Opening of permanent branch office in Madrid.

2006  Installation of the largest corporate image element in Spain, the monolith in the entrance of the Financial City of Santander bank (height 40 m, weight 80 tons).

2006  Pixel Award for institutional image.

2007  Installation of the observatory dome in Santander.

2007 More than 3000 corporate banking installations are finished

2008  40th anniversary celebration of ALES.

2008  Completion of corporate installation of more than 350 perfumeries “If” in Spain and Andorra

2008  Installation of the “Casino de Asturias” project.

2010  ALES develops a line of luminous signage for emergency evacuation based on LED technology.

2010  The Andalusian museum Medium Al-Zahra receives international award of architecture Khane, one of the most important prizes in the Muslim world. ALES participated in the development of the construction elements for the architectural studio EMPTY.

2011  Finished of the manufacture and assembly of corporate image for service stations in Spain reached 1000.

2012 Production and architectural integration for the Sporting Real football team shield and the artistic exterior facade structural elements of the artist Vaquero Turcios in the”El Molinon” football stadium.

2013 Nationwide corporate implementation for EDP.

2015  Maintenance of more than 650 CEPSA service stations.

2015  Rebranding Intu Asturias Shopping Center. First Intu shopping center in Spain. Its implementation in summit is the highest of Intu Properties in the world.

2015 INVENTOR’S DAY Prize for the life story of an entrepreneur: Alfredo Escandón Pérez.

2016  Implantation of image of the first EDP echoestation of Europe.

2016 Image implantation of the network of Caja Mar offices in the north of Spain.

2017 Construction of Skywalk Mount Misery, Upper Rock. Gibraltar. Experiential viewpoint between two major continents in Europe.

2017 Technical development, millimetric production and assembly of carbon steel structure for the largest elliptical screen in Europe at the Intu Asturias Shopping Center.

2017 Moraleja Green Shopping Center rebranding, Madrid. First commercial center in Spain of the global real estate investment company Kennedy Wilson.

2018 Execution of the Food Court project and landscaping for the Gran Casa Shopping Center in Zaragoza

2018 ALES turns 50 years old

2018 Maintenance of CEPSA service stations in the South of Portugal

2018 Wayfinding and implementation of the corporate image of the Finestrelles Shopping Center in Barcelona

2019 Implementation of corporate image of Banco Santander offices

2019 Technical development, manufacture and assembly of furniture and museography elements for National Museum of Qatar