ALES mission


Our mission is not only to create new design proposals, but to impact and remain. Our success is based on aging what others consider ephemeral. A modern company, competitive and with a clear vision of future towards international horizons.


The constant development of the means of manufacture and the continuous transformation of a very demanding market has forced us in recent years to renew ourselves, designing brands with unique personality and products.

Innovation, creativity and technical quality are the fundamental lines of our work. A work that day by day has made ALES a seal of quality and trust for all those who rely on our services day by day.




Image, technique, lighting, concepts that define and establish the bases of a corporate identity and require a complex symbiosis between design and technical knowledge to be able to transform any project into a constructive reality.


The reason for being a Spanish company with vocation and almost 50 years of experience, equipped with a technology in constant evolution, an engineering with the layout and ductility necessary to undertake projects of any magnitude.