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Conceptualization of IBERIA space. Design of integration space with your audience where to put the five senses into play.

Conceptualization, creativity and design of a set of closure elements in a private estate composed of perimeter closure elements and access to residence.

Implementation of corporate image for the BBVA Foundation in Madrid through gold lacquered aluminum body letters.

The rose of the desert of Jean Nouvel with an Asturian soul. The National Museum of Qatar opens its doors in the capital, Doha. A spectacular building by the architect Jean Nouvel that evokes the phenomenon of the “desert rose”, crystalline forms that emerge from the earth. The largest local history exhibition on the planet with more than 8,000 square meters. Construction development, manufacture and assembly of the furniture by our Ales Group team, 360º creative engineering.

Rebranding. Grupo Intu Properties. Implantación corporativa en centro comercial Intu Asturias de toda la marca.

intu asturias

Rebranding of Banco Popular offices for Banco Santander.

Proyecto Wayfinding y de implantación de imagen corporativa del Finestrelles Shopping Centre en Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). Letras copóreas señalización zona de aseos.

Proyecto Wayfinding y de implantación de imagen corporativa del Finestrelles Shopping Centre en Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). Análisis de los espacios y sus flujos, definición de las señales y su contenido, diseño gráfico de la identidad señalética. Fabricación industrial de la imagen corporativa el centro comercial e instalación. Proyecto llave en mano.

Wayfinding project and implementation of the corporate image of the Finestrelles Shopping Center in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). Analysis of spaces and their flows, definition of signals and their content, graphic design of signage identity. Industrial manufacturing of the corporate image the shopping center and installation.


Rebranding project of the Moraleja Green shopping center. The Moraleja, Madrid. A shopping center in the most attractive shopping area of ​​Madrid. Designed by the award-winning architectural studio Chapman Taylor, the project includes improvements both inside and outside. Ales developed the design and manufacture of all the signage of the center and parking by implementing their retail solutions in the generation of a commercial space designed to be successful. A new retail experience that is based on the new conceptualization of spaces and the way we communicate with them.

Mirador Skywalk Mount Misery, Upper rock. Gibraltar.

mirador de Gibraltar

Decorative neon “Fly me to the moon”. Artistic element in neon on star steel.

neón decorativo

Implementation of corporate image in oceanographic ship built by Astilleros Gondán for the Institute of Marine Research in Norway.

Rótulo con letras coróreas en barco

Arrow neon tube. Laura Millan work. Neon pink tube.

Tubo de neón

Neon factory. Bogarti Neon advertising. Manufacture and installation of neon on scaffold for artistic performance in Foundation Carlos of Antwerp Madrid.

Arte en neón

Creativity and design. Audit image. Hotel La Palma , Llanes. Definition and design of the brand. Design and manufacture of corporate architectural element for receiving hotel …

mostrador de hotel

Custom lighting . ” Memory Cubes ” Hotel La Palma. Creative proposal, design , fabrication and installation of unique lighting fixtures .

iluminación a medida

Custom lighting . Hotel La Palma , Llanes. Audit and definition of lighting needs . Elements design , manufacture and installation .


Neon. Decoration Conceptual Stefan Bruggemann. Work exhibited in Arco 2016 Madrid.

Arte en neón

Eco service stations EDP. First echo electric charging station EDP in Europe. Manufacturing, implementation of corporate image and lighting service ecostation battery charging for electric vehicles.


Oxicorte. Sistema de corte por combustión. Área de trabajo útil 10.000×3.000 mm, espesor max hasta 250 mm.


Señalética parking. Grupo Intu Properties.

Señalética parking. Grupo Intu Properties.vertical, horizontal y pintura de parking en centro comercial Intu Asturias.Grupo Intu Properties.

Señalética direccional centro comercial Intu Asturias.

Señalética direccional en parking del centro comercial Intu Asturias. Grupo Intu Properties.

Food Court Gran Casa Shopping Center. IDOM Project. Manufacturing and assembly of singular elements, furniture, lighting and green areas for a new gastronomic space.

TOTEM . Intu Properties Group . Mall rebranding . Technical and construction engineering , integration and installation of substructure on existing totem in Intu Asturias mall solution.


Neon. Anonymous Club. Madrid.

Neon. Tinder. Madrid.


Neon. Dissapear hear. Madrid.

Neon. Calvin Klein Jeans letters. Calvin Klein Store, Madrid.


Señalética aseos centro comercial Intu Asturias.

Señalética aseos centro comercial Intu Asturias.Grupo Intu Properties.

Intu Properties Asturias. Carbayu. Concepto, creatividad y diseño para elemento singular en centro comercial Intu Asturias.

Bultaco . Creativity and unique corporate design element for its production .

ABC Serrano Shopping Centre , Madrid. Implementation of corporate image.


Neon. Boom !. Store in Madrid.

Astronomical Observatory of Cantabria. Design concept and technical design

Design. Singular marquee

Mall St. Augustine. Corporate implementation as.

Exhibitors and showcases with cube shape in treated steel cut. Interpretation center of Medina Azahara of Cordoba. EMPTY architecture proyect. Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2010, Piranesi Prize of Rome 2011 and European Museum of the Year Award 2012.

Facade in aluminum.

fachada de aluminio blanca

Architecture. Single family sculpture

Design, technical solutions and construction of portable module “cube” .


Channel letters Stainless steel grinding. Implementation of corporate image. Vela building, BBVA. Madrid


Metallic structure. Tres Aguas Comercial Center in Madrid. Structural environment.

estructura metálica

Branding. Implementation of corporate image. Garbera Mall. Donostia.

Molded wood and wood 3D milling

Construcción de moldes en madera DM y 3D

Implementation of corporate image. Santander Headquarters VIESGO.



Restoration locomotive. Tudela Veguín company


Señalética informativa corporativa.

Gecoin. Señalética informativa corporativa.

La mise en œuvre de l’image corporative. RICOH. Mise en œuvre par l’étiquette de l’enveloppe singulière.